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Easy Marche - Philosophy

tourism promotion of Marche region

Easymarche and the Travel Agency Incontri Europei decided to cooperate in order to promote tourism in Marche. Our region is considered "the center" for many reasons: it is located at the center of Italy, at the center of the Adriatic Sea and at the center of our heart.

Marche region collects a dense net of beautiful cities, historical sites, castles and villages surrounded by hills and valleys that go straight from the Appennini to the seaside, characterized by theaters and old roman roads. There are beaches where you can relax your body and soul, where you can practice all kinds of sport inside or outside the water. If you prefer other choices different from the seaside, you have the opportunity to discover many new places all around Italy, from the old boroughs to the Orange flags or from the Blue Flags beaches to the ski runs in the Sibillini mountains; and what about some hours of good shopping? Marche region has many of the most talented artisans in the whole world. You will be surprised by the options that the region offers. We are waiting for you in Marche!