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Easy Marche

Our Packs

Our choice of excellence. In this menu you will find the options we offer and their specific details. Welcome to Marche!

Marche Family In

It's time for family vacations. The time is all yours, we take care of the details and the quality of vacation for the children and for you two. We feel a strong need to start this project because we consider ourselves a family of families, in which everyone has a role and does it with love, patience, helpfulness and cooperation. Our promise is to make your experience like no other, a holiday that Marchefamilyin.it organizes entirely for the family, based on your needs. We particularly care about your children: we want them to have fun and learn in safety. This is the reason why we offer you a series of structures that, thanks to their professionalism, are able to assist and fulfill all your requests during the whole holiday. We planned activities dedicated to nature and the local landscape, traditions, games and team spirit, without forgetting the most important element: the opportunity to enjoy a holiday with the family. Don't worry moms and dads, we haven't forgotten ABOUT you. It's also your vacation. You will find picturesque lOcations, immersed in the colors of Marche region: the blue sea, the charm of hinterland, the beautiful italian lifestyle and conviviality which is typical of Marche. Forget about running to spend some time together in the evening, or between work and hasty breakfasts. You are on vacation with your family !!!! Go on a trip to discover the local traditions or spend an afternoon of sport and relax. A unique formula, a unique holiday that Marchefamilyin dedicateS exclusively to families.

Luxury Marche

Highly selected destinations, unlimited services, luxury and exclusivity in the choice of the hotels; romantic places far from common sites, quiet areas where to relax body and soul, eco.hotel in complete harmony with nature. It's time to feel good, to receive several cares and to have all comforts that you deserved. Great experiences, new concepts, new lifestyles and new trends. It's an occasion to get in contact with an old fashion history, always fascinating and immortal. Thanks to a luxury which goes through generations, you will feel as part of a different world and you will experience emotions, cultures and new realities.

Marche In Bike

The landscape in Marche is a mixture of green valleys, seaside and typical villages and castles. Even if there are several hillsides one of the best way to discover the beauty of this territory is by riding the bike. You can ride through the woods and the little villages and why not you can experience the gastronomic specialties of this region.

Wedding Marche

If you are looking for Wedding Planners, if you are looking as well for a unique location where to celebrate your wedding and you want to be sure that your choice is the best one, we would like to be at your site and help you with all this and even more. Wedding Marche is formed by a team of professional figures that will help you in order to organize the event in the best way, to make your Wedding day the special one. Wedding Marche will find locations both for the ceremony and the party, select the photographer, choose some shops where to buy gifts for your hosts, flowers, decorations, catering, cake designers, musicians and so on. We will discuss and consider together with you any of your request with extremely carefulness to details and efficiency. We would like to be with you in one of the most important event in life, to make your dreams come true.

Rainbow Marche

Marche are characterized by Appennini mountains which gently become valleys and go straight to the seaside. We consider the versatility of this landscape as a unique resource and for this reason we would like to share it with you. RainbowMarche is the option that EasyMarche offers for groups of 15 people (minimum required). You just need to send an email to info@rainbowmarche.it specifying your preferences and we will plan the tour according to your wishes.

Marche Horse

Ancient paths, forest's colors and lights, the scent of mountain pastures in the background of San Vicino mountain within the Regional Park of Gola della Rossa-Frassassi. This is the land that you' ll discover on horseback, proceeding without haste reclaiming time marked by nature and the environment in which you' ll be absorbed.