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Why Marche

Why choose a trip in Marche Region

We like to describe the travel around Marche as a "multi sensorial travel":

The sight is captured by a variety of landscapes, seaside and coast with different shapes, hills with their unique profile, Appennini mountains with woods valleys and peaks to discover and where it is still strong the echo of Sibilla . The touch is animated by a huge selection of artisanal products extremely well made. The hearing is pleased by the immortal sound of our composers as Rossini, Pergolesi and Spontini. Marche region is also a land of scents: from the sea breeze to the extended fields of lavender in the area of Conero, from the fragrance of wines revealing the story of the valleys in which they are produced to the delicious salami or cheeses made in Carpegna, Fabriano and Visso. The taste is gratified by a rich series of typical gastronomy and wines; The experience through the five senses stimulates in those who visit Marche a wellness that is not merely physical but also emotional, transforming the journey in a complete regeneration of body and soul.